Things You Should Know About Instagram and YouTube

YouTube and instagram are key video platforms that many people are making use of to market their products or services. To date, millions of videos have already been posted and the number keeps rising at a shocking speed. Attaining success on this platforms can be quite a challenging task. It entails getting high rankings on the sites. This is contributed to by the number of views on YouTube or followers on instagram. Using free YouTube views and free instagram followers can be a boost.



YouTube is by far the giant among the two platforms. Its users are mainly interested in getting entertainment. Marketers can take advantage of this by devising entertaining ways to pass information. This however, doesn’t work well for cases where the content mainly focus on selling of products or promoting a business. YouTube is also not ideal for posting links to other websites. Everything about videos on YouTube tends to revolve around it and usually never connect to any other page. The things to keep in mind when thinking about marketing include;

  • The uploaded videos should focus on only the item to be marketed and nothing else that might be out of topic.
  • Demonstration videos fit in perfectly on YouTube
  • YouTube does not charge any fee for uploading of videos
  • Enhance your online visibility by using keywords to describe your video
  • Use free YouTube views to enhance your popularity
  • Ensure that the videos to be posted are of high quality

The only downside of YouTube to a marketer is;

  • There is intense competition in trying to get the attention of users.



Instagram offers a traditional marketing strategy, but at the same time being technology friendly. It has an edge over the other platforms when it comes advertising a brand using pictures. The thing to have in mind are;

  • Ensure your profile is credible. Ensure that the profile presented to your audience is complete.
  • Consider linking up with other social sites for a wider coverage and exposure.
  • Ensure that you offer a human–like feel. Users should never feel like they are dealing with machines.
  • Always use hash tags in all your contents. They make your content easier to find.
  • Use free instagram followers to increase popularity.
  • Edit and stabilize your videos before making them public

Some downsides to Instagram include;

  • No looping option
  • App does not allow for text attachment
  • It isn’t embeddable

It is all up to the marketers to decide which platform will work better but understanding them first is an important part. Remember, you can always maximize on marketing by using free YouTube views and free Instagram followers.